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Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and the personal relationships you will develop with the staff at Auditory Processing Centers will continue long after your initial appointment.

We understand that ongoing counseling, periodic adjustments and regular hearing aid cleanings are vital to your continued satisfaction with your investment in better hearing. We are committed to being here to support your every need.

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Educational Corner

Helping individuals with hearing and comprehension difficulties rediscover the
joy of communication.

Multi-specialty team of doctors join forces to provide cutting edge technology and the most effective care in one location.

Auditory Processing Centers offer a wide range of services and products to help the individuals’ with hearing and comprehension difficulties to hear and share the joy of communication. We are only a phone call away at (818) 989-9001 and would be happy to help you with any question.


Our office is proud to provide services in multiple disciplines of Audiology and Hearing aid Technology; Psychology and Family Counseling; Speech Language Pathology; and Educational Counseling.

Following is a sample list of our services in each related field.

Auditory Processing Assessment – A full hearing exam can rule out a hearing problem but may not detect auditory processing difficulties. Our clinicians can provide a complete screening for auditory processing symptoms, and if there are indicators of difficulty, we can provide a full auditory processing evaluation.

Hearing Tests – A comprehensive hearing test checks your hearing and comprehension across a wide range of frequencies including both tones and real speech. The results of your hearing test are presented as an audiogram which will reveal the type, degree and patterns of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Fittings - Most people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, but selecting the best hearing aid can be difficult. And, even the best hearing aid will take some getting used to and adaptation on your part. We will tell you exactly what to expect from the process of choosing your first hearing aid and do all the necessary tuning and fitting so that you get the best performance from your investment. Learn more about selecting a hearing aid.

Other services we can focus on

  • Auditory Therapy
  • The Listening Program
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy
  • Anxiety and Depression Evaluation and Therapy
  • Articulation Evaluation and Therapy
  • Speech and Language Assessment and Therapy
  • Educational Assessment and IEP Planning and Counseling

Conditions We Can Help With

Auditory Processing Disorder - Auditory processing has to do with how the brain interprets sound and often the individual with auditory processing difficulty will pass a regular hearing test. When APD is present, the individual will often act as if there is a hearing loss and will often misinterpret what is actually heard. There are specific symptoms of auditory processing disorder that we can screen for to determine if a full evaluation is necessary.

Hearing Loss – Our specialists can evaluate your hearing loss to determine if the cause is primarily sensorineural, conductive, a combination of the two or has some other underlying reason. Treatments for hearing loss depend on correctly identifying the cause. Learn more about how we assess hearing loss.

Tinnitus – Also known as ringing in the ears, there is a lot of current research devoted to finding a cure for tinnitus. Our experts stay current on the latest tinnitus treatment options and would be happy to talk to you about your choices. Learn more about tinnitus treatment.

Dizziness – Not all audiologists treat dizziness and balance disorders, but we do. Proper treatment and balance rehabilitation starts with correctly diagnosing the cause. Learn more about our approach to balance and dizziness.

Vertigo – Treatment for vertigo, migraine associated vertigo or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (bppv) depends on the underlying cause. We’ve helped numerous patients (mostly women) improve, manage or eliminate their vertigo symptoms.

Excess Ear Wax – Excessive ear wax does affect your hearing. Luckily this type of hearing loss is reversible with ear wax removal. To get the best result and remove ear wax safely, work with a professional instead of trying it at home.

Assistive Listening and Hearing Technologies – Are you looking for a strobe fire alarm, extra loud doorbell, captioned telephone or FM system? We have an excellent selection of safety and convenience products for persons with hearing impairment. For a complete list visit our assistive listening devices page.

Meniere’s Disease – Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree. It is characterized by episodes of vertigo, low pitched tinnitus, and hearing loss. We can help you manage the severity of Meniere’s disease and share research into cures and treatment options. Learn more about Meniere’s disease.

Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories – We offer all the essential accessories including complete line of hearing aid batteries (rechargeable and regular), cleaning supplies, dryers/dehumidifiers, replacement parts and more. For a complete list visit our hearing aid batteries or hearing aid accessories page.

Hearing Protection and Hearing Conservation Program – We offer standard and custom hearing protection and ear plugs designed for musicians, hunters, shooting ranges and law enforcement. For a complete list visit our hearing protection page.

Other conditions we can help with

  • Language delays
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Family Counseling
  • Social and Behavioral Counseling
  • Educational and IEP Counseling

Who We Work With

Children – Our audiologists are specially trained to diagnose hearing loss and auditory processing disorder in children. Kids may experience hearing difficulties as infants or toddlers, or it may appear later in adolescence. Oftentimes a hearing loss is first detected when a child demonstrates difficulties in school. We are experts at identifying the causes of hearing difficulty in children, and in developing a custom therapy plan to improve auditory function..

Adults – We see numerous adults that have noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) especially musicians, law enforcement, military personnel or those that work around noisy machinery. In addition to helping you, we can often work with your employer to monitor noise levels and provide adequate protective equipment. Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss or hearing protection.

Seniors – Age-related hearing loss is perfectly normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. The earlier you intervene, the better so that you don’t miss out on social experiences and your brain doesn’t have to ‘relearn’ how to hear after an extended absence of sound.

Something you are looking for that isn’t on the list? Call (818) 989-9001 and ask. We may have it or be able to get it for you.

How to Make an Appointment

Call our office at (818) 989-9001 to make an appointment (or just ask a question). Before your first visit, be sure to download our free Guide to Better Hearing.