Hearing Aid Reviews

The hidden secret to finding the right hearing aid is consumer reviews combined with professional fitting. Here’s why:

Currently there are over 107 types of hearing aids on the market, varying by style, size, and where they fit in your ear, not to mention by manufacturer. So how can you determine which is the right hearing aid for you?

Which one you need depends on many factors, including your level of hearing loss, the types of situations you have difficulty hearing in, and the features you need to help you hear the best you can in those situations. Hearing aid reviews are one logical place to look.

When searching for reviews of hearing aids, remember all hearing aids fundamentally do the same thing, all hearing aids have a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver that takes the amplified sound and puts it into your ear canal so that you can hear. And profoundly improve your life.

Should you rely on hearing aid reviews to make your final selection?

While hearing aid reviews can be helpful in narrowing down your choices, the key to finding the right hearing aid is choosing a
professional who can help you select the right one and fit it properly. Research by Consumer Reports shows that two-thirds of hearing aids sold were misfit, with the result that amplified sound was too much or too little, regardless of price.

Best approach to finding the right hearing aid:

1. Start with hearing aid reviews to get an idea of the various types.

2. Then find a professional you can trust to help you with your hearing aid selection and fitting. You’ll be glad you did.