Prices and Cost

What’s the right price to pay for your hearing aids?

The answer is…It depends. It depends on how much you use them and where.

The value of your hearing aids is determined by the combination of amount of use and the type of performance you are looking for. Let’s look at each of these to determine what’s important to you.

How much will you use your hearing aids?

If you live alone, in the woods, rarely talk on the phone, never listen to the radio or watch TV, rarely venture out, then your hearing aid use will probably be low and it doesn’t make sense to opt for a top of the line hearing aid.

On the other hand, even if you live by yourself, but you’re constantly watching TV, talking on the phone or listening  to the news on the radio  and socializing with friends and family – your use is going to be high. In fact you’ll probably wear your hearing aids for 12-16 hours a day – you’ll want a hearing aid that consistently performs well. Given your high use, paying a bit more is going to be a good investment.

How many types of listening environments do you want your hearing aids to work in?

If you only plan on using your hearing aids at home, the more basic units may suffice. On the other hand, if you want it to enhance your listening  at home, in the car, at the supermarket, at a restaurant, at concerts, at the football games you attend, in the yard and across a wide variety of listening environments – then you’ll want a more full-featured advanced digital hearing aid.

Of course the more you use your hearing aids, the more they will help you, and the more you’ll be engaged with your friends and family and the more you’ll get out of life. And only you can put a price on the value of friendship, family and fully being part of the conversation.

What determines the cost of a hearing aid?

Cost is determined by features and function. The more features you want and the higher level of performance you’d like, the more you’ll pay. Ear trumpets are big and ugly, and don’t work that well in most situations, but are cheap.

Almost invisible hearing aids that work well across a broad spectrum of listening environments and are designed for someone with an active lifestyle, cost much more. Of course we think they are right for certain types of people.

How much should you spend on your hearing aids?

Take out a piece of paper, list how much of the day and week you could benefit from using hearing aids, and the variety of situations where they would help you enjoy life more. Then calculate what it’d be worth to you per day, to be part of the conversation. Would it be worth $5, $10, $15 or more?

There are many styles, types of hearing aids with prices ranging from $300 to $3500. Of course the true cost of hearing aids depends on how much you wear them and how much benefit you get out of them. Typically the cost is about $1-$3 a day to wear hearing aids.

Just like any other technology your hearing aid price depends on which features you choose (or more importantly) your hearing healthcare professional decides  are right for you. The more features the more the hearing aids will cost.

For example, if you live a very active lifestyle, your hearing healthcare professional will most likely recommend dual microphones to help you hear better in noise (patient satisfaction is very high with this feature).

All hearing aids come with an adjustment or trial period, typically 30-60 days from date of purchase. During this adjustment period, you’re welcome to visit your hearing aid professional for any necessary fitting issues or if for any reason you are not satisfied with the hearing aids you buy, you can return them for a refund minus a very small fitting/restocking fee.

Which is one of the many reasons our patients choose us each and every time. We guarantee results or your money back.

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