The Listening Program SLEEP


What is the Listening Program SLEEP?

Technology created by a neuroscientist, clinically tested and shown 77% effective, the Listening Program®. The acoustically modified music provides soothing, unobtrusive, instrumental music with subtle sounds of nature, and ambient music that entrains the brain to improve sleep regulation. Embedded within these beautiful recordings are proprietary neurosensory algorithms that produce sleepiness. The result is a sleep that’s natural, easy, restful, and refreshing.

How the Listening Program SLEEP Works?

The technology behind The Listening Program® of research in hearing, balance, and sleep by neuroscientist Seth Horowitz, Ph.D. It is a new approach to helping people of any age go to sleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. TLP SLEEP uses three kinds of sound that work directly on the brain in different ways.

1. Very low frequency sounds activate the vestibular system to trigger Sopite syndrome, the motion-induced sleepiness that babies experience while being rocked and that most people feel while riding as a passenger in a car or on a train.

2. Quiet “pink” noise shaped to match the sound signatures of heartbeats and breathing reduces activity in the brain’s arousal centers to encourage

3. Binaural beats — slightly different sound frequencies delivered to each ear to trigger frequency-following response between the brain’s hemispheres —
help the brain match the waveforms that characterize the stages of sleep.